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Débats d’EUROGIP 2015: Register!

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What is the situation regarding occupational safety and health in Europe? The question will be put to the speakers at the next European conference, “Les Débats d’EUROGIP”, which will be hold on 19 March 2015 (in Parison the theme “Europe and occupational safety and health: what achievements? what outlook?”.

At a time when the European Commission has just adopted a new Strategic Framework for the EU for the period 2014-2020, representatives of Community institutions, European social partners and the competent national organizations will review progress in the area of occupational safety and health since the Single European Act of 1986 (directives, framework agreements, strategies, etc.), possible problems of application, and the challenges to be faced in the coming years (economic crisis, emerging risks, population ageing, OSH management, etc.) and specific interest in networking at the European level.

The EUROGIP Conference is organized in the form of round table meetings. Following each of them, time will be devoted to question and answer sessions between the speakers and the audience.

The Debates aim to facilitate the exchange of information and experience between the relevant stakeholders: public authorities, “safety” managers, social partners, human resources managers, industrial doctors, researchers, etc.

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