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EU-OSHA: 25 initiatives for preventing MSDs in the workplace

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As part of its 2020-2022 campaign, EU-OSHA has compiled 25 examples of effective strategies, campaigns, policies and practices to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) at work.

As varied as possible, the selected initiatives are specifically targeted at SMEs and come from 14 countries:

  • Australia: A participative hazard and risk management (APHIRM) toolkit for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

  • Austria: Campaign/Support scheme for micro and small enterprises, AUVAsicher; Healthy working in the HORECA sector; Prevention of psychological and ergonomic strain: a targeted campaign of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate
  • Belgium: Campaigning on musculoskeletal health: ‘When a worker suffers, the whole company is affected’ and ‘Well-being at work in the federal truck’; Intervention typology and guidance on preventing musculoskeletal disorders
  • Canada: Development of a new prevention guideline for musculoskeletal disorders for Ontario
  • Denmark: The Danish National Job & Body Campaign; A strategy for working environment efforts up to 2020-Risk-based inspections – Preventing low back pain in bricklaying work
  • France: Epidemiological monitoring of work-related health problems: Cohorts Coset-MSA and Coset-Independents; TMS (troubles musculo-squelettiques) Pros and assistance of regional coordinators
  • Germany: The prevention campaign of German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) — ‘Think of me — Your back’ (‘Denk an mich — Dein Rücken’); Prevention makes you strong — including your back (Prävention macht stark — auch Deinen Rücken); The Preventive Health Care Act of 2015 (Präventionsgesetz)
  • Italy: Economic Incentive Programme
  • Netherlands: National Social Programme on Working Conditions (MAPA) – Sub-programme on physical workload; Sustainable Physical Work Network
  • Norway: 3-2-1 Together for a good working environment; Be prepared! (Føre var!) – Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority project to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Spain: Programme to prevent ergonomic and psychosocial risks in the health and social care sectors; Good practice guidelines for on-foot shellfish workers
  • Sweden: Women’s work environment; Provisions and general recommendations for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
  • UK: Helping Great Britain Work Well strategy and Work Programme on MSDs
  • USA: NIOSH Musculoskeletal Health Cross-Sector Program

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