FRANCE: A new guide to risk prevention for collaborative applications

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The French Ministry of Labour recently placed online the “Risk prevention guide for manufacturers and users for the implementation of robotized collaborative applications” (“Guide de prévention à destination des fabricants et des utilisateurs pour la mise en œuvre des applications collaboratives robotisées“).

The guide recaps the obligations of manufacturers, integrators and users, and the risk prevention approach that should be applied, which, at various stages, depends on each of these stakeholders.

The guide concludes with a concrete example of the implementation of an industrial collaborative robotic solution, describing the thinking which led to the choice of this solution, covering both the statement of needs, the technical and implementation constraints, and the risk prevention approach employed. Note that it does not deal with questions of coexistence (or co-location), in which case the robot and human share the same space without any need of interaction to perform tasks.

This guide follows on from the publication of ISO TS 15066 : 2016 “Robots and robotic devices – Collaborative robots”, and the setting up by the Ministry of Labour of a working group formed of robot manufacturers, users, robotized systems integrators, OH&S personnel and Eurogip. The objective was to conduct a review of the tools made available by the market to ensure the best possible allowance for health and safety principles in the design of collaborative robotic applications.

An English version of the guide is due to be published by the end of the year.

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