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According to the 2019 global barometer published by French standardization association AFNOR, France ranks as the second most active country on the European level with regard to occupational safety and health, with a 13% share of responsibilities for active structures in the CEN. It ranks third on the international level (ISO). Germany tops the list on the European level (51%) and internationally (26%).

AFNOR emphasizes the mobilization of French stakeholders in the major Technical Committee ISO/TC 195 on Building construction machinery and equipment and the strengthening of their position in Technical Committee ISO/TC 96 on Cranes. Lastly, AFNOR mentions the initiative which involved promoting internationally the French standard on the acoustic quality of open office spaces.

For all subjects combined, France is sixth among the countries which are distinguished by their responsibilities in ISO technical committees and sub-committees. Ahead of it are Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Japan.

Baromètre international 2019

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