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Future of Europe: Have your say

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Resilience is definitely on the agenda. It is at the heart of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work celebrated on 28 April (see our article). And the Conference on the Future of Europe, launched in January 2020 for two years, has as its theme: “Building a more resilient Europe”. A multilingual and interactive platform, central to the Conference, has just been launched to allow for dialogue with citizens.

“The time has come to give new impetus to European democracy” and for everyone to make their voice heard, 70 years after the “Schuman Declaration”. It was on 9 May 1950. Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister at the time, proposed the creation of a European institution that would bring together and manage the production of coal and steel. The ECSC Treaty was signed less than a year later. Robert Schuman’s proposal is considered the birth of the European Union.

The platform is structured around several major themes and cross-cutting issues. It should allow everyone to participate in an event, organise one and give their opinion on all the subjects they consider important for the future of the EU.

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