GERMANY: learning about safety and health is child’s play

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To get through working life without accident or illness, you need safe working conditions, but you also need to develop your ability to be attentive and independent. And this is done from a very early age. Hence the offer developed for children by the statutory accident insurance, which covers them from nursery school onwards.

The aim is to familiarise them with the dangers at daycare, school and at home in a playful way and to encourage them to deal with risks consciously. “Our safety behaviour is largely influenced by our childhood experiences”, explains Dr. Eberhard Nies, Head of Division at IFA.

The modules cover these important safety and health topics: visibility in traffic, tripping, slipping, falling, hygiene and skin protection, household products and other hazardous substances, and noise. A brochure is aimed at staff and teachers, but also at parents. It contains scientific and educational information, but above all experiments and games suitable for children, which can easily be carried out with everyday objects. Seminars for education professionals complete the offer.

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