GERMANY: Ministry of Labour wants to regulate the platform economy

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The Federal Ministry of Labour presented the key points of a social regulation project “Fair Work in the Platform Economy”. It wants to ensure that the self-employed, who increasingly offer their services via online platforms, are protected by social security and labour rights.

The Ministry wants:

  1. to integrate platform workers into the statutory pension scheme and make the platforms participate in contributions
  2. to improve coverage by the accident at work insurance scheme
  3. to give workers the opportunity to organise and jointly negotiate working conditions with the platforms
  4. to introduce a reversal of the burden of proof in processes aimed at reclassifying their employment relationship as salaried employment
  5. to provide for the portability of worker assessments from one platform to another
  6. to set minimum notice periods in the event of termination of the employment relationship, which would depend on seniority in the service of the platform

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