Débats d'EUROGIP, 12 March 2020


Prevention of occupational injuries and care of the elderly

EUROGIP is organising its next European conference on 12 March 2020 on the prevention of occupational risks in the care sector for dependent elderly people.

In France, this sector has a workplace loss rate that is significantly higher than the national average. Whether they are self-employed, employees of a service provider or an establishment (EPHAD for example), staff dedicated to the care of the elderly are confronted with multiple professional risks (physical, chemical, biological, psychosocial...). The shortage of staff over the past few years has only increased exposure to these risks.

Through the testimonies of representatives from other countries or Community bodies, the objective of the "EUROGIP Debates" will be to provide a European perspective on public policies and good prevention practices in this sector.

In addition to a major and immediate occupational health and safety issue, better prevention of occupational risks promotes long-term employability in a sector facing the challenges of old age.

Programme and registration early December

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