DENMARK: campaign against digital harassment in the workplace

These include threats and other offensive behaviour such as unpleasant and derogatory comments, blackmail, hate messages, harassment, including sexual harassment, etc. Digital harassment via e-mail, telephone, websites and social media has affected 28% of employees over the past 12 months, according to data from the National Observatory of the Working Environment for Employees (NOA-L).



FRANCE: “From school to work: it’s your turn to film

The “Health and safety at work: from school to work, it's up to you to film” competition organised by the French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) aims to raise awareness among young people (in vocational lycées and apprentice training centres, CFAs) of the risks to which they are exposed when they first enter the world of work. The 11th edition closed at the end of May.



New EUROGIP study on the recognition of work-related mental disorders in Europe

It is now accepted that working conditions can have an impact on workers' mental health. The prevention of psychosocial risks has therefore become a priority in many countries. But the question of recognising psychological diseases as work-related is far from being unanimously accepted in Europe. EUROGIP devoted its latest study to this issue.

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The new Machinery Regulation has been adopted

On 22 May, the Council adopted the new European regulation on machinery. The text, which replaces the 2006 directive, specifies the essential health and safety requirements applicable in the EU, facilitates the free movement of machinery and guarantees a high level of safety for workers and the general public.