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Psychosocial risk (PSR) prevention in the iron and steel sector: A new Eurofound publication

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EUROFOUND Siderurgie stress rapport 2014Eurofound has just published a report which describes how three European iron and steel firms approached PSR prevention, by encouraging worker involvement and social dialogue.

Arcelor-Mittal in France, Rautaruukki in Finland and Salzgitter AG in Germany operate in different environments (at the global, European and national levels), but the three firms are faced with problems such as stress, mobbing, etc. Aware of the negative impact on workers’ health but also on productivity, they have taken measures for better PSR prevention. First they made a specific evaluation of these risks, then they worked out appropriate preventive measures, which were included in their overall policy strategy. The senior executives, involved in the approach, supported the action by investing in awareness raising programmes, manager training, etc.

In light of the information gathered, the Eurofound report is a reminder that social dialogue and senior management involvement are essential to be able to bring about a change in the behaviour of all the personnel and thus manage to minimize PSR.

The case study presented in this report was performed as part of a project, financed by Eurofound, launched on the initiative of the social partners in the iron and steel industry.

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