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The employer representatives reaffirm their positions regarding OSH

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At a conference on working conditions, held in Brussels by the European Commission in April 2014, Business Europe, an organization representing European employers, reiterated its positions on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and psychosocial risks (PSR). The Managing Director of Business Europe, Thérèse de Liedekerke, cited the results of the latest Eurofound survey to show that efforts had been made. According to this survey, 84% of European workers consider that their working conditions are good, including their working hours and safety and health at work.

Mrs de Liedekerke reasserted the view of her organization regarding possible new OSH legislation. In her opinion, there already exists a vast body of European OSH legislation (24 directives in all) and the full application of this legislation should take priority over new legislation. She also considers that “employers take their responsibilities seriously and progress has been made in reducing the number of occupational injuries. Between 2008 and 2011, the number of injuries declined by 14% and the number of fatal injuries by 16% in the EU-27” (Eurostat).

Regarding psychosocial risk (PSR) prevention, Mrs de Liedekerke mentioned that the social partners developed significant tools in the European agreements on occupational stress and the prevention of violence and harassment to help companies and employees cope with this.

At this conference, other aspects were discussed, such as the anticipation and management of restructuring operations and reconciling working life and private life.

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