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The use of performance-enhancing drugs in the workplace

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An article published on the OSHwiki platform – which operates on the principle of the Wikipedia, but with regard to occupational safety and health – sheds light on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the workplace. This practice is likely to become even more prevalent in future.

According to the authors, it is hard to measure this phenomenon, because these drugs are usually bought over the internet and they are not taken as a result of medical prescription. However, there is evidence of abuse, which has become almost standard, in certain activities and jobs. Those concerned are, for example, long-distance road hauliers, shift workers in healthcare and emergency responder services, the military forces and certain workers subjected to high pressure, such as city traders and lawyers, or to strong competition, such as businessmen.

The article discusses the question of the effects of drug consumption on work and workers, and the implications for occupational safety and health.

It forms part of a series focusing on the future of work. It was produced by EU-OSHA, in cooperation with Dr Karen Dale and Professor Brian Bloomfield of the University of Lancaster, after a seminar with EU-OSHA focal points in the Member States, and the European Commission.

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