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There’s still time to register for the EUROSHNET European conference

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The 8th conference of the EUROSHNET network of European OSH experts involved in standardisation, certification and associated testing will be held in Krakow (Poland) on 13 and 14 June 2024, on the issue “World in transition – Europe in adaptation – OSH under pressure”.

Faced with changes in the world, European policies and legislation are constantly evolving. Specialists in occupational health and safety, standardisation and regulation will take stock of the EU’s new policy areas and their impact on OSH, particularly on standardisation. The Green Pact for Europe, the European Action Plan on the Circular Economy, the REACH Regulation and the links between the new Machinery Regulation and the proposed Regulation on Artificial Intelligence or the Cyber-Resilience Act will be discussed.

Speakers will also show how recent developments are affecting the design, performance and safety of new and innovative products, as well as management systems and new forms of work.

EUROGIP is a partner of the EUROSHNET network.

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