A French standard to help contracting authorities choose a safety coordinator

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The voluntary French standard AFNOR P 99-600, published in July 2016, is a Good Practice Guide for contracting authorities for inviting and evaluating the tenders of “safety and health protection” coordinators.

The presence of a coordinator is required by the 92/57/EEC directive relating to work on temporary and mobile construction sites. The standard makes it possible to “organize invitations to tender, in particular the programme information to be provided by the contracting authority. Thus, SHP coordinators have more precise specifications to better comply with the work requirements, better assess the risks resulting from concurrent work, and better estimate the right cost of their services…”, announces Roger Piotto, chairman of the group of organizations representing safety and health protection coordinators (GOC.sps).

This document is the result of a consensus between the Ministry of Labour, institutional organizations (CNAMTS, INRS, CRAMIF, OPPBTP), three bodies of contracting authorities, project managers and SHP coordinators, and the contractors represented by the building and public works federations FFB and FNTP. It has received the approval of the specialist commission of the Steering Committee on Working Conditions (“Conseil d’Orientation sur les Conditions de Travail” – COCT).

This is the first standard to propose explanations and tools to help contracting authorities establish the tender documents and regulations making it possible to choose the safety and health protection coordinator by means of six selection criteria: match between the SHP coordinator’s skills and expertise and the characteristics of the project, work organization, assessment of material resources, the candidate’s availability for action, analysis of work frequencies and times and the quality of the financial proposal.

The AFNOR P 99-600 standard has already attracted coordinator organizations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal. The European Commission has also expressed its interest in this French initiative.

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