AUSTRIA: decline in the incidence rate at work in 2015

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In 2015, the AUVA recorded 157,246 injuries and diseases: 90,258 occupational injuries to adults, 54,685 injuries to students and school pupils and 1093 occupational diseases. This represents a 3% decline on average compared with the previous year. The decline is especially significant for occupational diseases, more than 10% fewer.

It should also be emphasized that the frequency index for occupational injuries (excluding commuting accidents) was 24.7 per 1000 workers in 2015, compared with 25.8 per 1000 in 2014. Moreover, encouraging improvements are to be noted in goods manufacturing, the sector of activity in which the incidence rate is highest. The number of occupational injuries fell 5.7% in manufacturing as a whole, to 19,030. Building and commerce are sectors in which the number of occupational injuries is also extremely high. In 2015, it fell 3% on average in these two sectors compared with the previous year.

“I am pleased to note that Austrian companies are increasingly safe, said Dr Anton Ofner, president of the AUVA. The prevention of occupational injuries and diseases remains our top priority. The number of occupational injuries has been declining constantly for many years, which proves that our approach is the right one.”

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