AUSTRIA: the authorities’ “Covid-19 Safe and Healthy Work” guides

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In response to the pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Labour, Family and Youth (BMAFJ) and the labour inspectorate have published various materials on “COVID-19: Safe and Healthy Work”.

A manual of Recommendations is aimed at companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Employers and employees are jointly invited to put into practice a number of measures. “Only together can we get through the crisis well”. A checklist is aimed in particular at SMEs.

Other materials, such as a guide and videos in 18 languages, are aimed particularly at construction sites. In addition to this sector, a “Covid-19” section on the Inspectorate’s website gives access to targeted information in the context of the recovery for: retail trade, hairdressing salons, catering, office activities, schools and kindergartens, universities, non-medical health professionals.

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