BELGIUM: Demonstration project to support workers affected by job burn-out

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In November 2018, Fedris will start a demonstration project to support workers threatened or affected at an early stage by job burn-out following a work-related psychosocial risk. The project is to last three years and will cover 300 to 1,000 assisted persons.

The target public consists of workers in the financial services sector (excluding insurance and pension funds) and in hospital activities or medical accommodation run by private organizations or provincial and local administrative departments (“APL”) who are suffering at work, who take numerous short sick leaves or have been on sick leave for less than 2 months. The “support process” will include a set of measures focused on the person and the work environment. It will be spread over a maximum period of 9 months. The objective is to allow retention in the workplace or the rapid resumption of work by workers.

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