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BELGIUM: Launch of a consultation on platform work

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The Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue has just launched an online consultation on platform work. All contributions will be analysed in order to evaluate the law and contribute to the development of a legislative project in 2022.

Consultation theme 1 includes health and safety. What are the problems faced by workers in this respect? What happens in the event of accidents? What preventive measures are taken to protect workers from risks related to their activity? What improvements are possible?

Meal deliverers, drivers, users or platform managers… are invited to give their opinion, make proposals or share their experience by 31 January 2022.

Consultation platform

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Exposure to chemical agents and asbestos

The Commission shall publish the most recent, up-to-date and robust information on exposure to lead and its compounds, asbestos and diisocyanates in view of the possible revision of the relevant Directives.

Abroad, Covid-19 News


ITALY: Covid-19 declarations down in 2021 compared to 2020

Between the beginning of the pandemic and 30 November, Inail registrated 185,633 reports of work-related coronavirus infections and 797 deaths. These represent more than one-sixth of the total number of accident at work reports received as of January 2020.