BELGIUM: the new website of the Federal Network for Mental Health at Work

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Federal competences(1) in the field of mental health are currently divided between various institutions. In order to combine their strengths and aim for an integrated approach to this issue, the FPS Social Security has set up the “Federal Network for Mental Health @work”.

This network is dedicated to prevention, detection, recovery and reintegration. It focuses mainly on the exchange of relevant information, including the results of projects and studies. It also aims at a better coordination of initiatives, be it in terms of project initiation or communication. If necessary, it will make recommendations to political bodies or representatives.

Finally, the network will feed the new website www.jemesensbienautravail.be. “The Corona crisis has turned our lives upside down. And for some people, the situation was not easy before. This site can help you to improve your well-being at work and the well-being policy in your organisation. If things are going well for you, with our advice, you can make sure that they continue to do so. And even when the health crisis is over, well-being at work will remain an important area.”

(1) The following institutions are part of the federal network: FPS Social Security (Social Security), FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue (Employment), National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV), Federal Agency for Occupational Risks (FEDRIS), FPS Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment (Public Health), Higher Health Council (HSC), National Institute for Social Insurance for the Self-Employed (NISSE), Federal Planning Bureau, FPS Strategy and Support (BOSA)

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