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Fewer and fewer workers feel good about their work. In the last five years, the number of burn-outs and long-term depressions has increased by 46%. The government is therefore promoting a mini-series of podcasts on mental wellbeing at work, as a continuation of the awareness campaign to make mental wellbeing at work a topic of discussion.

Women account for more than two thirds of those suffering from burnout, particularly those aged 50-64. But the biggest increase in long-term disability due to depression is among the self-employed, aged 25-39: +20% in 2021, +151% over 5 years.

Breaking the taboo and talking about mental problems is a very important step. This is the purpose of the podcasts in which people talk about their experiences of burn-out and discuss with experts on mental well-being at work. Each of the 3 episodes deals with a central theme, starting with the importance of prevention and the recognition of symptoms of chronic stress or burn-out.

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