9/03/2021|75012 Paris

EUROGIP Discussions “Preventing occupational risks in the healthcare sector for the elderly”


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EUROGIP Discussions “Preventing occupational risks in the healthcare sector for the elderly”



Considering the announced evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in France, we postponed the EUROGIP Discussions of 12 March 2020 to September, 22. Unfortunately, the situation is such in view of the various recommendations (WHO, ECDC, national health authorities) that we had to postpone again the conference to 9 March 2021 in Paris.

We apologise for the uncertainty but we hope you can appreciate that this has been a hard decision to consider.

The theme – Preventing occupational risks in the sector of care for dependent elderly people – which is very much in the news, remains quite the same. However, we are going to review the programme as it was agreed to include the issue of the health crisis that has impacted the elderly care sector. The new programme will be published on our website at the beginning of October.

EUROGIP thanks you for your understanding and hopes to count you among the participants next year.

If you have any question, please write to eurogip@eurogip.fr.


Date and time

9 March 2021, 9:00-17:00

Event venue

75012 Paris France

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Découvrez le programme

  • Christian EXPERT, EUROGIP
  • Anne THIEBEAULD, Caisse nationale de l’assurance maladie (CNAM)
  • Myriam EL KHOMRI, Former Labour Minister, Siaci Saint Honoré
  • Emmanuelle CAMBOIS, Institut national d’études démographiques (INED)
  • Aurélie DECKER, European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI)
  • Charlotte GREVFORS ERNOULT, European Commission
  • Julie BACHE BILLESBØLLE, Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet), Denmark
  • Carole GAYET, Institut national de recherche et de sécurité (INRS)
  • Albert NIENHAUS, Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege (BGW), Germany
  • Philippe ZAWIEJA, ORPEA Group, Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)
  • Carole ALLARD, Caisse nationale de l’assurance maladie (CNAM)
  • Maria Ilaria BARRA, Istituto nazionale Assicurazione Infortuni sul Lavoro (INAIL), Italy
  • Paul FUCHS-FROHNHOFEN, MA&T Sell & Partner GmbH – Mensch, Arbeit und Technik, Germany
  • Sandrine PARADIS, Caisse d’assurance retraite et de la santé au travail (CARSAT) Aquitaine
  • Emmanuel CHIGNON, EHPAD Terre Nègre
  • Joseph MUSGRAVE, Home and Community Care Ireland, Ireland
  • Sandrine REMY, Caisse régionale d’assurance maladie d’Ile-de-France (CRAMIF)
  • Jukka-Pekka TYNI, Hyvinvointiala HALI, Finland
  • Alexandre VERNET, Résidence-retraite du cinéma et du spectacle
  • Dominique VILLA, Association Aid’Aisne
  • Florence SAUTEJEAU, Occupational Injury and Disease Commission (CAT/MP)
  • Christian EXPERT, CAT/MP