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Declaration on the future of the European set of social rights

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At the high-level conference in La Hulpe in mid-April, the European Parliament, the European Commission, Belgium on behalf of the 25 EU Member States, the European Economic and Social Committee, the ETUC, SGI Europe, SME United and the Social Platform signed a declaration on the future of the European Social Rights Floor.

The text proposes initiatives for the EU’s future social agenda in the next legislature and reaffirms that the Social Floor is the guiding framework for European and national social policies on equal opportunities and access to the labour market, fair working conditions, social protection and social inclusion.

In particular, with regard to health and safety at work, the signatories agreed to:

  • Reaffirm the “zero vision” approach to preventing work-related deaths and better integrate psychosocial risks into health and safety frameworks.
  • Ensure fair working conditions in key areas for the digital age, such as teleworking, the right to disconnect, the integration of the “people power” principle for artificial intelligence in the world of work, the regulation of algorithmic management, and worker information and consultation.

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