DENMARK: An MSD campaign which has proved successful

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The “Job & Krop” national campaign (Work & the Body) on pain at work has changed the opinion of the 900,000 or so public-sector workers targeted. These workers have assimilated the idea that muscular and articular pain had to be prevented, but also that it was important to stay active and, insofar as possible, to move despite the pain.

The campaign took place from 2011 to 2014. It was supported by extensive dissemination of information on Internet and the social networks, through networking activities, meetings in the workplace and video and TV commercials, for a total amount of about DKK 24 million over four years.

According to the professor of musculoskeletal disorders Lars Andersen of the Danish Centre of Work Environment Resources (VFA), which for the first time backed up the impact of such a campaign with scientific evidence, this amount should be compared with the cost of absenteeism and disability pensions due to MSDs. The cost for society amounts to billions of DKK each year.

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