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DENMARK: What are the rules on working from home?

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The possibility of doing part of one’s work at home is becoming more and more common. The Danish Working Environment Authority therefore receives many questions from employers and employees about the rules that apply.

With a few exceptions, the Authority therefore makes it clear from the outset that the working environment legislation applies to work at home. This concerns :

  • risk assessment
  • planning at all stages of the work so that it is organised and carried out in such a way that the impacts on the mental working environment, both individually and as a whole, are fully justifiable in terms of short- and long-term safety and health
    rules on heavy workload, time pressure, unclear demands and conflicting demands at work
  • rules on high emotional demands in working with people, abusive acts, including bullying and sexual harassment, work-related violence including outside working hours

In connection with the conciliation on the working environment, the Minister of Employment has obtained approval for a committee under the Working Environment Council to examine the rules on duties on the basis of a proposal from the Danish Working Environment Authority. It is expected that revised rules in this area could enter into force by the end of the year.

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