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European Machinery Coordination: contract award notice

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On 14 January 2022, the European Commission published the notice of award of the contract for the technical secretariats of the European coordination of notified bodies under various regulations, including the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Thus, for the next five years, ABERTECH SNC di Sara Balzano & Walter Ferrari will be responsible for coordination of the “machinery” regulation. EUROGIP has been participating in this coordination as representative of the French notified bodies since 1992.

As a reminder, the aim of each European coordination is to harmonise the practices of third party bodies when they are involved in product conformity assessment. Clearly, the aim is to ensure that the same product is assessed in the same way by each notified body, thus leading to the same decision. To this end, the coordinations study the problems of interpretation of the regulations or standards and propose protocols. Their decisions are formalised in documents, the Recommendation For Use (RFU), which are then approved by the European Commission before publication on its website.

In addition to the machinery coordination secretariat, contract awards have been published for regulations on: explosive atmospheres (2014/34/EU); electromagnetic compatibility (2014/30/EU); lifts (2014/33/EU); pressure equipment (2014/68/EU); simple pressure vessels (2014/29/EU); gas appliances (2016/426.

Contract award notice published by the European Commission

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