European webinar on 15 November 2016 on the ergonomics of type-C machinery standards

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On 15 November 2016, from 10.00 am to 12.00 midday, EUROSHNET invites you to take part free of charge in a webinar on the theme of “ergonomic requirements of type-C machinery standards”.

The objective is to help experts who take part in working out type-C standards – which apply to a specific machine or group of machines – deploy in these standards ergonomics requirements contained in type-B standards, which cover cross-cutting aspects common to all machinery, such as guards and safety distances.

This European web conference – all that you need is a telephone, a computer and internet access to take part – will be held in English. It will be moderated by the experts Peter Frener, chairman of ISO/TC 159 “Ergonomics”, and François Blanchard, regional director of occupational risks in CRAMIF. One hour will be devoted to basic information on type-B standards and one hour to discussion and exchange of experience.

Registrations are limited to about twenty people; deadline for registering: 28 October next.

To find out more, write to Christèle Hubert Putaux:

Download the invitation and the registration form

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