FRANCE: declare the Covid-19 in occupational disease

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The online service “declare-maladiepro.ameli.fr” allows people to make a request to benefit from specific coverage for occupational diseases from Covid-19. This public authority scheme concerns all those insured under the Social Security system general scheme and self-employed health professionals.

Recognition as an occupational disease allows compensation for care at 100% of the reimbursable rates and more advantageous daily allowances than in the case of “illness” for employees.

In the event of after-effects resulting in permanent disability, a life annuity may be awarded. It is calculated according to the seriousness of the after-effects and income prior to the contraction of the virus. The heirs of a person who died as a result of Covid-19 can also receive a pension.

Two cumulative criteria are required for the disease to be recognised as occupational:

  • to have been contaminated in the course of work
  • and have required recourse to oxygen therapy (supply of oxygen-enriched air) or any other form of ventilatory assistance.
    Apart from these criteria, the scheme does not apply (except in the event of death) and the costs are covered under the usual sickness insurance cover.

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