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The “Health and safety at work: from school to work, it’s up to you to film” competition organised by the French national research and safety institute for the prevention of occupational injuries (INRS) aims to raise awareness among young people (in vocational lycées and apprentice training centres, CFAs) of the risks to which they are exposed when they first enter the world of work.

The winners of the 11th edition, which closed at the end of May, are:

  • 1st prize, “(E)-lève toi” (E-get up): produced by four apprentices on the stone-cutting CAP course at the CFA des Compagnons du Devoir (Baillargues, Hérault), the film looks at ways of avoiding accidents when handling blocks of stone.
  • 2nd prize, “Si tu veux aller plus loin, pense aux 3 points” (“If you want to go further, think of the 3 points”) by a class from the Saint-Gaudens agricultural college (Haute-Garonne). It deals with falls when lowering a tractor, given that 40% of accidents in the agricultural sector are due to poor posture when lowering a tractor.
  • 3rd prize, “Un accident est vite arrivé” (Accidents happen so quickly): awarded to SEGPA pupils from Guy Mareschal secondary school (Amiens, Somme). The pupils, aged between 12 and 15, wrote the sketches for the video. They also filmed and recorded the sound.
  • The jury’s “Coup de cœur” prize went to “Bref… les a priori” (in short… preconceptions), which deals with prejudice in the hairdressing industry. Instructors from the CFA of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Rodez (Aveyron) suggested the scenes, but the apprentices wanted to write them themselves, recording conversations during breaks to get as close as possible to the reality of a hairdressing salon.

Since the competition was launched in 2012, over 900 videos have been created by training establishments. For this 2023 edition, more than 120 videos have been submitted, the largest number in the history of the competition. The jury is made up of representatives from the French education system, the CCMSA (Caisse centrale de la mutualité sociale agricole) and the Occupational Injuries branch of the French social security system.

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