FRANCE: review of the 2016-2020 safety and health plan

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The French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration has just published the results of the 2016-2020 Occupational Health Plan (PST 3) and its 17 regional plans.

Drawn up in consultation with the stakeholders concerned – trade unions and employers’ organisations, social security, occupational preventionists and State administrations – the “PST3” set 10 operational objectives organised around 3 axes:

  • to give priority to primary prevention and to develop a prevention culture
  • to improve the quality of life at work as a lever for health, for keeping workers in employment and for the economic and social performance of companies
  • to strengthen social dialogue and the resources of the prevention policy by structuring a system of players, particularly in the direction of VSEs and SMEs.

The report on “PST 3” highlights the progress achieved and the progress to be made for each of the objectives. It will provide input for the current development of the “PST 4”, which will cover the period 2021-2025.

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