FRANCE: Setting up of an aid fund for the victims of crop protection products

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Crop protection products are designed to protect crops against “the enemies of crops” (insects, diseases, etc.). France is the second-largest consumer of these products in the European Union, especially in the vineyard, orchardry and cereals sectors, and the eighth-largest in terms of quantities per hectare. There are real health risks for the workers using them. 

But, whether it be under occupational disease schemes or via the legal channel, establishing a causal link between the disease and exposure to harmful substances on a case-by-case basis is the main obstacle to recognition of the victim, on whom the onus of proof currently lies. 

The inter-inspectorate report (IGF, IGAS, CGAAER) follows on from the bill establishing a fund for compensation of the victims of crop protection products, filed with the Senate in July 2016. The task force proposes various graduated scenarios for improving the compensation of victims.

Read the abstract (in French)

Read the report (in French)

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