FRANCE: TMS Pros, a programme to combat the leading recognized occupational disease

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Knowing that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the leading recognized cause of occupational diseases in France and that they have increased by 60% since 2003, they are the focus of a risk prevention programme created by the Health Insurance/Occupational Risks system.

This programme consists of financial aid to help enterprises undertake a risk prevention policy. In addition to “risk prevention contracts” intended for enterprises with less than 200 employees, two other schemes of up to €25,000 are intended for enterprises with 1 to 49 employees:

  • TMS Pros Diagnostic, to finance 70% of a person’s training internally and/or ergonomic services to produce a diagnostic and an action plan.
  • TMS Pros Action, to finance the purchase of material and/or equipment to reduce physical stress especially during manual handling of loads, repetitive efforts or stressful positions.

Note, moreover, that as part of the TMS Pros programme, the first trophies have just been awarded to twelve enterprises, out of 116 candidates, for their risk prevention actions. The winners are of various sizes and in various sectors (textiles, footwear, hotel industry, day nurseries, logistics, processing and preservation of food products, etc.).

TMS Pros (in French)

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