GERMANY: The number of violent injuries at work has increased

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According to the 2016 report on job injuries, there were 10,432 recorded cases of employees suffering injuries caused by physical or psychological violence within the framework of their occupational activity, which represents a 22% increase in such injuries in the last five years. However, this upward trend did not continue in 2016.

“It is hard to say whether these figures correspond to an increase in the risk of aggression or acts of violence. It should be pointed out that the employment rate has increased in recent years, especially in certain sectors such as healthcare, said Joachim Breuer, Managing Director of the DGUV. It is also possible that the people concerned are better informed and that this influences reporting.”

Injuries due to acts of violence committed by third parties account for 1.4% of reported injuries. Those most exposed are workers in contact with customers or patients. In 2016, 31% of violent acts were committed against the staff of hospitals and old people’s homes, 20% in the public sector, in the street or the public transport system, and 13% in stores.

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