GERMANY: Working conditions are extremely difficult in the construction sector

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The BAUA has published the results of a survey carried out on construction workers in 2012. The results are not surprising: working conditions there are far more difficult than in other sectors of activity.

Activity in the construction sector often entails difficult working conditions despite the technical progress made in recent decades. 92% of the workers surveyed are subject to standing work, 79% to work that is stressful for the hands, 72% to the carrying of heavy loads and 64% to work in forced positions. Other factors such as harsh weather conditions, noise, monotony and the pressure of deadlines aggravate the situation. Moreover, it is in the construction sector that the largest number of occupational injuries and diseases is recorded.

The BAUA gives a reminder that compliance with the rules can prevent risks and diseases. Moreover, at a time when the labour force is growing older, physical stresses in the workplace should be reduced in order to keep older workers on the job. It is also essential to raise the youngest workers’ awareness of occupational safety and health.

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