IRELAND: A new risk prevention campaign for road safety at work

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The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Health Safety Authority (HSA), with An Garda Síochána, have launched a TV campaign on the importance of the safety measures to be taken for all employees who drive within a work context, including professional drivers.

According to the CEO of the RSA, work-related driving increases the probability of being involved in a road accident by 40% compared with other drivers. “It is the employer’s responsibility to minimize the risks”. And the CEO of the HSA adds: “It is worrying that many Irish companies that have employees who drive as part of their work have no specific policy within the framework of their health and safety management system”.

According to Michael Finn, deputy commissioner of Garda Síochána, “the benefits for the company of adopting a programme of driving for work largely outweigh the costs. The benefits are increased employee loyalty and an improvement in the public image, a lower probability of employee injuries and deaths and subsequent illness and dependency costs, and increased productivity. For each euro of insurance claims as a result of work-related road incidents, companies may have to pay an extra €8 to €36 for uninsured losses”.

The campaign targets employers and employees. It is supported by a website providing information on work-related driving and offers a free online course entitled “Managing driving at work”.

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