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“Even more so today, we must not let our guard down so that the health emergency does not make us forget occupational health and safety (OHS)”. Franco Bettoni, President of INAIL, is pleased to announce a €211.2 million package to support companies that invest in occupational risk prevention.

For what, for whom?

The funds that will be allocated in 2021 are distributed according to regions and provinces and follow 4 funding axes :

  • (Isi Generalista) €94.2 million for investment projects and €2 million for projects aimed at adopting organisational and social responsibility models.
  • (Isi Tematica) €45 million for projects to reduce the risk of manual handling of loads
  • (Isi Amianto) €60 million for projects to recycle asbestos-containing materials
  • (Isi Micro e Piccole Imprese) €10 million for micro and small enterprises operating in the mobile manufacturing and fishing sectors.

The beneficiaries of this funding are companies and self-employed people registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Another allocation is reserved for micro and small enterprises in agriculture (Isi Agricoltura 2019-2020). “In order to optimise the use of the allocated funds, to increase the involvement of businesses and to speed up the disbursement of funds, we have simplified the formalities for businesses and defined in more detail the interventions that can be supported”, explains Franco Bettoni.

Applications are only made online, following a multi-stage procedure. The capital grant, calculated on expenditure considered eligible excluding VAT, can cover up to 65% of the expenditure incurred by the company. This represents a maximum of €130,000 for eligible projects under Axis 1 to 3 and €50,000 for those under Axis 4.

This allocation, in place every year since 2010, is “unique in Europe”. It has already enabled the implementation of 32,000 projects.

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