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Napo in… Fire alarm!

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In this new animated film, Napo, the boss, and his colleagues guide us through the basic rules of fire and explosion protection in the workplace.

Three elements are needed for a fire to start or an explosion to occur: a flammable substance (fuel), air (oxygen) and a source of ignition (heat). To deal with high-risk situations and implement appropriate preventive measures, assessment is crucial.

To complement this EU-OSHA animated film, the INRS reminds us that “the fight against the risk of fire requires the implementation of technical and organisational measures aimed at suppressing any outbreak of fire and limiting the spread and effects of a fire.


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Council gives final green light to first global rules on AI

Today, 21 May 2024, the Council approved a groundbreaking regulation on artificial intelligence (AI) that follows a “risk-based” approach. This means that the greater the risk of harm to society, the stricter the rules. It is the first of its kind in the world.

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At the high-level conference in La Hulpe in mid-April, the European Parliament, the European Commission, Belgium on behalf of the 25 EU Member States, the European Economic and Social Committee, the ETUC, SGI Europe, SME United and the Social Platform signed a declaration on the future of the European Social Rights Floor.