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Napo is teleworking to stop the pandemic

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Teleworking means setting up a makeshift workstation at home and striving to reconcile family and professional life as well as possible. This is not always easy, as this video clip from the “Napo” series shows, but solutions do exist.

The cartoon character delivers a simple message: “If you have to work at home, let’s do it safely and help stop the pandemic”.

Napo is an original idea conceived by a small group of OSH communications professionals in response to the need for high quality information products to break down national boundaries and address the diverse cultures, languages and practical needs of people at work. The films are not designed to provide comprehensive coverage of a topic but provide an appetiser to OSH. The credo: “Safety with a smile”.

Each film is co-produced by several organizations, including INRS in France. This is the second clip, after Napo in…stop the pandemic, published as part of the coronavirus crisis: Napo teleworks to stop the pandemic.

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