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“Less absenteeism, fewer complaints, more job satisfaction? As an entrepreneur, take the first step towards a healthier and safer working environment for your employees.” This is the slogan of a campaign launched at the end of October by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

The campaign aims to convince employers to map all occupational risks in order to reduce or eliminate them and thus prevent health problems and accidents. This inventory and risk assessment (RI&E), although required by law, is unknown to many entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, according to the ministry.

The campaign is based on an online application that allows companies to create an inventory as they see fit in 4 steps: create an RI&E; explore the risks for the company and indicate in an action plan the measures to be taken; ask for the opinion of the employees and have the RI&E and the action plan tested by an expert; start executing the plan and monitor the changes and progress for the company and the employees.

Entrepreneurs from different sectors also testify in radio spots but also on Instagram and Linkedin, among others, explaining why they have engaged in RI&E:

  • in the transport sector, out of fear that something might happen to the staff,
  • in the retail sector, for fear of the costs of losing staff,
  • as a self-employed person, to avoid burn-out…

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