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One out of five European workers say they are stressed by their work

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According to the opinion survey “The Workforce View in Europe 2018”, 18% of European workers say they suffer from work-related stress every day. This figure is 5% higher than in the 2017 survey.

The most severely stressed workers are the Poles (27%), followed by the French and British (20%). The Dutch seem to be less prone to stress (10%). The study also specifies that around 14% of the European workers surveyed consider that their firm is “not at all” interested in their mental well-being, while 34% think that it is “not very” interested. Moreover, major disparities can be seen from one country to another: around 30% of Polish workers think that their mental well-being does not interest their employer at all, almost five times more than their counterparts in the Netherlands and Switzerland (7%).

The Workforce View in Europe in 2018

(Sample consisting of 9,908 working adults in 8 countries: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and Switzerland)

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