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EC Certification of Machinery and PPE


Notified Bodies to the European Commission are responsible for assessing the conformity of certain products defined in the directives. There are National and European coordination structures of these bodies that are designed to harmonize the practices of bodies and to ensure the high level of safety of these products.

At the French level, by authority of the Labour Minister and Agriculture Minister, EUROGIP:

  • provides the secretariat for coordination of notified bodies for personal protective equipment (PPE) and machinery. As such, it organises meetings with bodies and representatives of those departments during which they discuss the harmonization of their practices, the interpretation of standards resulting in decisions applicable by the bodies, the revision of standards and directives in force or future. EUROGIP also collects quarterly statements and examination certificates (AET-CE) or decisions issued to manufacturers following the evaluation of the products concerned. These statements are sent to the ministries concerned.
  • EUROGIP represents the French Coordination for Machinery and PPE at the European Coordination. It defends the positions adopted at the French level and relays comments and questions.