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Prevention and SRAS-Cov-2: the Commission Statement

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Explanation of text of EU Directive EU/2020/739 on the protection of workers who may be exposed to SARS-CoV-2? In a Statement issued on 26 June, the Commission stresses all the measures taken.

In addition to the employer’s obligations as stipulated in the Framework Directive, the Commission recalls the “specific and strict” obligations set out in the Directive of 3 June amending Annex III to Directive 2000/54/EC on chemical agents.

It also underlines that there is “no difference in the protection of workers according to the classification of SARS-Cov-2 in Group 3 or 4”. Moreover, the new measures are already in place and Member States must transpose them as soon as possible.

Finally, the Commission “will examine, in the new strategic framework for health and safety at work, the need for further measures to improve the functioning of the existing EU regulatory framework, in particular in pandemic situations. It will assess without delay the need to amend the Directive on biological agents”.

Commission Statement

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