The EUROGIP Discussions: a European conference


Every year since 2003, EUROGIP has organised a conference on a theme related to the prevention or accident insurance - occupational diseases in Europe. The objective of the EUROGIP Discussions is:


  • To provide a European perspective on a topical issue through the intervention of representatives from national agencies in the EU countries, the Community bodies, the European social partners and businesses.
  • To promote the exchange of information and good practices among participants at European level.

The EUROGIP Discussions are organised in the form of round tables at the end of which, time is devoted to questions - answers between the speakers and the participants.


Next Discussions


15 March 2018, Paris


Digital transformation is changing our daily lives, from a personal or professional point of view. What is its impact on occupational health and safety in Europe? While this aspect is still relatively little mentioned, it will be at the heart of the next EUROGIP Discussions that will be held on Thursday 15 March 2018 in Paris on the theme "Digital and occupational health and safety - Challenges and opportunities".


The EUROGIP Discussions are intended for representatives of public authorities, companies (HR, safety managers, Workplace health and safety committees), social partners, occupational risk prevention practitioners, occupational physicians, consultants, academics etc.

Registration prior to the conference is compulsory (download the registration form below).



Previous Discussions


“Health and safety at work, a performance lever for company"

On 2 March 2017, the contributors to the EUROGIP Discussions representing the Community authorities and from different countries addressed the issue of return on investment in occupational risk prevention. More generally, they discussed the economic impact that actions implemented have at different levels: company, occupational injuries insurance, labour market, society etc.




Date : 15/03/2018
Venue : Paris

One week after the 2018 Discussions, EUROGIP published af first report of the conference on Digital and occupational health and safety at work in Europe.

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The latest Discussions

The 2017 EUROGIP Discussions: “Health and safety at work, a performance lever for company"

Date : 02/03/2017
Venue : Paris

The EUROGIP Discussions hold on Thursday 2 March 2017 in Paris focussed on "Health and safety at work, a performance lever for company

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The 2016 EUROGIP Discussions: "Mental diseases and work in Europe"

Europe and occupational safety and health: What achievements? What outlook?

Date : 19/03/2015
Venue : Paris

The EUROGIP Disssusions on 19 March 2015 held on the theme “"Europe and occupational safety and health: What achievements? What outlook?(in Paris).

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Encourage companies to prevent occupational risks: which devices in Europe?

Date : 20/03/2014
Venue : Paris


The EUROGIP Discussions on 20 March 2014 focused on the devices in Europe to encourage companies to improve health and safety at work or reduce their claims to work.


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Keeping people at work in Europe and Canada - Policies for rehabilitation and return-to-work

Date : 19/03/2013
Venue : Paris
Readjustment and rehabilitation, disability management, return-to-work, etc. The speakers of the EUROGIP Discussions on 19 March 2013 presented the policies implemented in 9 European countries.
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