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Incidence and detection of occupational cancers in nine European countries

Year : 2018
24 pages
Type : Report
Ref : Eurogip-141/E
Country : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland
Theme : Occupational risk insurance

Here is a new report entitled “Incidence and detection of occupational cancers in nine European countries" published by EUROGIP with the precious help of the European Forum of the insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. The data concern Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

Cancer cases (reports and recognition) since 2005 have been relatively stable in Denmark, Belgium, France, Italy and Sweden, but have increased in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. For this last group, there are various reasons, such as the inclusion of skin cancer on the national list of ODs in Germany in 2015.

In every country except Germany, cancers due to asbestos dust accounted for the overwhelming majority of cancers recognized as an occupational disease in 2016. For example, mesotheliomas represented more than 30% of occupational cancers in Denmark, 50% in Austria and Italy, 65% in Belgium and around 90% in Sweden.

Comparing the number of cases recognized with the insured population, Germany and France top the list by far, with 15.1 and 11.39 per 100,000 insured respectively. The lowest ratio is posted in Sweden: 0.5. In Germany, cancers account for 32% of recognized occupational diseases. The study also reveals that the off-list recognition system is not the most suitable one for cancers.

The second part of the report discusses programmes designed to detect cancer cases at an early stage in order to improve the chances of healing, and schemes which help victims assert their rights to compensation for an occupational disease. These schemes could be the cross-checking of OD reports with the cancer register for mesotheliomas and cancers of the nasal cavities (Denmark), scouting for a possible work-related origin of lung cancers in a hospital environment (northern Italy), or else targeting and support for the potential victims of a bladder cancer by the OSH insurance organization (France).

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EUROGIP infos September issue

Year : 2018

Our newsletter EUROGIP infos dated September 2018 has just been published. It presents the latest news on occupational risks at Community level, in EU countries or about standardisation in occupational health and safety.

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Statistical Review of occupational injuries France: data 2016

Year : 2018
20 pages
Ref : Eurogip-135E
Country : France
Theme : Statistics

EUROGIP publishes a new "Statistical review of occupational injuries France 2016" which presents data on accidents at work, commuting accidents and occupational diseases in 2016 in France. This document is the eighth devoted specifically to the loss experience at work (general scheme) in France, thus giving an overview over 10 years.

The document is available in French also

EUROGIP Annual report 2017

Year : 2018
20 pages
Type : Report
Ref : Eurogip-131F
Theme : Institutional documents

The Annual Report 2017 presents our activities which have prevention and insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases at European or international level as their common denominator.

After a short presentation of EUROGIP and "3 questions to Raphaël Haefinger, Director", the salient events 2017 are presented by business area:

  • Studies and surveys
  • Monitoring and information on occupational risks in Europe
  • Public relations and communication
  • Occupational safety and health standardization
  • Projects of Community interest
  • Coordination of the “machinery” and “PPE” notified bodies

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Digital & occupational health and safety in Europe: first report of the conference

Year : 2018
9 pages
Type : Proceedings
Theme : Occupational risk insurance

What are the challenges and the opportunities of digital transformation economy for health and safety at work in Europe? The question was at the heart of the EUROGIP Discussions on Thursday 15 March 2018 (Paris).

The major round tables addressed this issue from different aspects: the influence of ICT on work organisation, the impact of digital economy on insurance and prevention of occupational injuries with a focus on online platforms workers, the opportunities offered by digital technology to prevent occupational risks, European social dialogue, and the European Commission's point of view.

Most of the exchanges are summarized in this document.

Prevention in the field of collaborative robotics

Year : 2018
20 pages
Type : Thematical Note
Ref : Eurogip-129/E
Theme : Occupational risk prevention

EUROGIP summarizes in this note the thoughts highlighted in various work done notably in France, Germany and the Netherlands in the field of collaborative robotics and risk prevention measures that could be implemented.

Collaborative robotics concerns robots capable of interacting with human beings as part of industrial processes. The human being and the robot thus share the same work area to carry out all or part of their tasks, whereas a “conventional” industrial robot is characterized by its physical remoteness and the fact that there is no collaboration with a human being. Although the stated objectives and expectations of the market players may diverge, it turns out that the identified risks are largely the same. And yet, societal issues involving collaborative robotics and increased interaction with human beings are apparently not neglected.

Health and safety at work, a performance lever for companies

Year : 2017
Type : Report
Theme : Occupational risk prevention

"Health and safety at work, a performance lever for companies": This was the theme of the EUROGIP Discussions on 2 March 2017 in Paris. Several round table discussions brought together speakers from different backgrounds.

Download the proceedings (in French)

Download the press release in English published just after the conference

Salient events 2016 - EUROGIP Annual report

Year : 2017
13 pages
Ref : Eurogip-126/E
Theme : Institutional documents

The "Salient events 2016" is an overview of EUROGIP's main activities carried out in 2016 in the field of prevention and insurance of occupational accidents and diseases in Europe.

The document illustrates our vocation to share knowledge, to support the work of the Health - Occupational risks Insurance and to value our actions as those of this Insurance.

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