SPAIN: An employer sentenced for the death of one of his employees

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The Criminal Court of Seville has sentenced a businessman to two years and four months in prison, a fine of €200,000 and a declaration of incapacity for three-and-a-half years for the death of one of his workers which occurred in April 2011.

The accident occurred in the firm Talleres Electromagnética Moreno, which manufactures and assembles metallic structures for lifts. The worker, aged 31, was electrocuted, and this caused severe convulsions. Taken to hospital urgently, he died a few days later.

The trade union confederation of workers’ committees (CCOO), which was plaintiff in the trial, stresses “the importance of this ruling, a first in Seville: It marks a before and after, and shows the way to businessmen, who will now have to pay for their negligence, which could cost workers’ lives”.

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