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SWITZERLAND: 13 non-compliant FFP2 masks withdrawn from the market

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As the market surveillance authority, Suva has withdrawn 13 non-compliant FFP2 respiratory protection masks. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Suva has been monitoring the quality of these products available for sale.

The increase in coronavirus cases has led to a massive influx of new respiratory protection masks on the market, including non-compliant products. In laboratory tests, Suva found in July 2020 that 60% of the FFP2 masks tested offered insufficient protection. Suva then initiated sales bans and recalls and intensified its sample checks in the months that followed.

However, according to Suva, the quality of the masks is much better than in July 2020. The risk of buying a non-compliant product is almost three times lower than a year and a half ago. The availability of respiratory protection masks on the Swiss market has also improved in recent months.

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