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The European social partners present their work programme 2019-2021

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In their sixth Joint Work Programme, the ETUC, BusinessEurope, CEEP and SME United announced their six priorities: digitization, improving the performance of labour markets and social systems, skills, allowance for PSRs, enhanced social dialogue and the circular economy.

On these six issues, the only one that will entail the negotiation of a separate framework agreement is digitization. Beforehand, a seminar will be organized on the acquisition of digital skills, work organization (including disconnection) and working conditions.

Wanting to prepare for the future, the social partners are also interested in the circular economy and will prepare a joint project to analyse how this contributes to growth and/or the transformation of employment.

As regards PSRs, the social partners stress their multifactorial aspect while agreeing that they could be related to “the workload, the work content, working hours, working conditions, communication or work organization”. They have already signed two framework agreements, on workplace stress (2004) and on violence and harassment at work (2007). Here again, a seminar will be held to identify recent developments and also to identify other possible joint initiatives.

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