There is still time to register for the Eurogip Discussions on 9 March

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Register to take part in the EUROGIP Discussions on Tuesday 9 March on the issue “Preventing occupational risks in the care sector for the elderly”. Originally scheduled in March 2020, the conference had to be postponed due to the health crisis. Today, we are offering you an event in digital format, free of charge, allowing more people who understands* French to participate!

It must be said that the subject concerns us all. Personally, we will be confronted one day or another with the issue of care for the elderly. From the point of view of health and safety at work, staff responsible for caring for the elderly, whether at home or in specialised institutions, are exposed to many physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial risks… The number of accidents at work in this sector is one of the highest in France. Better prevention is therefore a major challenge.

The EUROGIP 2021 Discussions aim to encourage the exchange of experience on this issue. In addition, as part of its European mission, EUROGIP has set itself the objective of shedding new light on what is being done in France through the testimonies of representatives from other countries or European institutions.

When? Tuesday 9 March 2021, 9.30am-4.15pm
Location ? Wherever you are! Conference broadcast live on the Internet
Price ? Free registration (but necessary)

*The Discussions will be in French only

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