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Working at home and OHS with a new OiRA tool

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Teleworking has developed strongly since the COVID-19 pandemic, transforming the way companies operate and employees work. However, the issue of occupational health and safety (OHS) remains fundamental. A new interactive online risk assessment tool (OiRA) offers a practical solution for employers and teleworkers, helping them to create safer and healthier home workspaces.

Unlike the other modules, this OiRA “telework” tool does not target a particular sector of activity and can be integrated with other existing sector-specific OiRA tools. It takes into account various aspects such as workspace layout, workstation ergonomics, lighting and ventilation. The tool provides concrete recommendations for teleworkers, ranging from the organisation of the workplace to the psychosocial risks that teleworking can engender, including the importance of taking regular breaks to avoid eye strain, and the establishment of clear boundaries between work and personal life.

Companies’ occupational health and safety policies can incorporate the results of risk assessments. If many employees experience problems related to their home working configuration, the company can, for example, set up awareness-raising programmes or provide financial support for the purchase of ergonomic equipment. This creates a favourable working environment even outside the company’s physical offices.

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