BELGIUM: 2018 occupational injury statistics

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The annual report of the Federal Agency for Occupational Risks (Fedris) reveals that, for the third year running, the number of occupational injuries in the private sector has increased, from 157,242 to 168,462 injuries. But given that the working population has also increased, one observes that in fact there has been a constant downward trend for some years now.

Most injuries occurred in industry and construction, and the 20-to-29 age group posts a higher-than-average injury rate.

Almost one out of two injuries (47.9%) led to a sick leave; 42.3% of the victims were able to keep on working, while 9.8% were reported as having a permanent work disability. There was a fatal outcome in 0.1% of cases.

Just like in previous years, accidents on the way to work had the most serious sequels. The percentage of injuries with an expected permanent disability stands at 11.3%.

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