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BELGIUM: Covid-19 and oxygen risks

The increased need for oxygen in hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19 patients also leads to a higher risk of chemical accidents and fires. Beswic, the Belgian Knowledge Centre on Well-being at Work, presents various publications dealing with this issue.

Abroad, Covid-19 News


GERMANY: Health crisis reflected in workplace claims in 2020

The Covid-19 epidemic has clearly impacted the occupational accident rate in 2020. Thus, accidents at work (760,369) decreased by 12.8% compared to 2019 and commuting accidents by 18.2%. On the other hand, declarations and recognised cases of occupational diseases are clearly on the rise.

Abroad, Covid-19 News


DENMARK: Update on Covid-19 occupational injuries

On 8 March, the competent institution AES recorded 4,921 reports of work-related Covid-19. These are cases concerning the disease itself, but also allergies resulting from the use of protective equipment for example.

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Eurofound e-survey: Living, working and Covid-19

Eurofound has just put online the 3rd round of its survey “Living, working and COVID-19”. Its aim is to understand the profound implications of the pandemic on the way people live and work in Europe. The first two rounds of the survey were carried out in April and July 2020.